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French, "Ship's Quarter Deck" Automata clock, circa 1890

French, "Ship's Quarter Deck" Automata clock, circa 1890

Antique Automaton Industrial clock of Helmsman on quarterdeck, circa 1890

Antique, French, "Ship's Quarter Deck" Automata clock from the Industrial Series. The bronze and silvered case is in the form of a ship's quarter deck, set with a real and operating binnacled compass with the quartermaster at the helm. To his right and left are fine and original ( many are lost) lamps that really are gimbaled and in three coloured finish ( bronze, copper and silver). The quarterdeck is beautifully modelled with fine oak deck ( gilt bronze). There are silvered bollards behind and to right and left of the quartermaster. The wheel that he is holding is silvered around the circumference but all the spokes are gilt bronze. Down the steps to the main deck is a young sailor with a coil of rope. Between the sailor and the steps there is a covered companionway with silvered slatted top. To the sides are gilt bronze portholes. The whole on a stepped black marble base on gilt bronze bracket feet. The two train French movement. The clock strikes the hours and halves on a gong. The helmsman forms the top of the compound pendulum and rocks back and forth with each tick. A fascinating French Industrial clock dating from circa 1890, in immaculate condition.

Height 13 inches by 11.6 inches wide by 9 inches deep ( 32.5 cm by 28.75 cm by 22.5 cm).

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